Edenfield Maternity, Lifestyle

When Christene told me she wanted a maternity session in her home I became super giddy! In home sessions are always a favorite. It allows for raw, real, and genuine moments in your own home and create beautiful memories in the place you spend the most time!

Tips for rocking a lifestyle session:

  1. Pay attention to your outfits and how they will match against your home. Neutrals are usually a safe bet, however, if your home is pretty neutral, it would be fun to bring color in your outfit selections.

  2. Use rooms with the best lighting. These areas are usually bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, nurseries. The quality of light can affect the look of your photos drastically. For this session, we had lots of natural light available but it was overcast outside. I moved my subjects close the windows and faced them towards the light.

  3. Don’t use artificial lighting. I always turn overhead lights off so the varying color temperatures don’t mix with the clean natural light. Also it adds so much more dimension to you!

Like I said before, we took these in the morning on an overcast day so it gave us darker, moodier lighting - which I prefer! Experiment taking photos indoor in various lighting situations. Now enjoy this sweet, intimate maternity session!